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Newmarket Optical is owned and operated by John Omand, It was founded in 1980 and currently has 9 employees. We are an optical store that prides ourselves in our excellent service and taking care of each individual customers needs in a specialized and detailed manor. Offering services from general repairs to solders and eyewear in every price range we are able to offer a great selection for any budget. Having a full surfacing lab means, we are able to produce a pair of glasses or sunglasses that are made in house instead of being shipped out therefore reducing wait times and complications. We also specialize in contact lens fittings and aftercare, we have a contact lens fitter in 5 days a week for all of your contact lens needs.


Meet the Staff


John Omand, Owner and Registered Optician

John opened Newmarket Optical in 1980 and has been a Registered Optician since 1986.  He has always kept the motto that Service is the number one factor in business, and continues to strive for the best service he can give to each and every customer.  John has a passion for all types of eyeglass and sunglass fittings and can find a solution for any request.  John looks forward to his ski vacation out West every winter and playing squash when he can.  He also enjoys spending time with wife Mary Jane and two dogs Duffy and Rosie.

 Leslie Dapice,  Store Manager & Buyer

Leslie has been working for Newmarket Optical since 2002, she is the Store Manager and has a knack for finding the perfect frame for any face.  Leslie is also the merchandise buyer for our stores frame inventory, which means she has an extensive knowledge of trends and what frames are available through or suppliers. Leslie’s happy attitude and friendly personality have been an asset in making the store what it is today. Leslie enjoys spending time with her family, her Granddaughters and her new Grandson.

Ely Alfonso, Lab Manager and Technician

Ely has been the Lab Manager at Newmarket Optical since 2002,  he has a solution for every customers need and there has never been a problem he could not solve with his extensive knowledge and experience.  Ely has been a lab technician since 1974 and has been trained in various degrees of the business.  He surfaces his own lenses and can manufacture any prescription from the average Rx to the most complex.

Sara McLeish, Registered Optician and Contact Lens Fitter

Sara has been working for Newmarket Optical since 2005.  She is a Registered Optician and Contact Lens Fitter.  She enjoys both eyeglass and contact lens fittings but her passion is in Contact Lenses. Sara enjoys keeping up on the newest products appreciating the ever changing innovation of the eye care field. Sara started at Newmarket Optical as a frame stylist in 2005, worked as a Optical Student while going to school at Georgian College and now she has been a Registered Optician since 2008 and is the Head Optician at our store. Sara enjoys reading and spending time with her Family.  


Carole Barfitt, Registered Optician and Contact Lens Fitter

Carole has been an Optician and Contact Lens fitter since 1971,  she has been a part of the Newmarket Optical team for 5 years.  Carole’s extensive knowledge and expertise in both Eyeglass and Contact Lens fittings makes her an important part of the team!  She is an expert in difficult Contact Lens fits and has a detailed knowledge of the right lens for each and every patient.


Mallory Bailey, Customer Service

Mallory has been a valuable part of the Newmarket Optical team since the fall of 2015.  She has recently graduated high school and plans to move on to post secondary, she has interest in pursuing a career as an Optician. Mallory has experience working as a receptionist in a medical office and volunteered in her local school.  Mallory has an interest in theatrical makeup and enjoys going to concerts and watching movies. 


Brittney Dapice, Customer Service

Brittney has been working for Newmarket Optical since April of 2016, before coming over to the Optical Brittney worked for Dr. Mary Chan and associates. Brittney has been in the Eye Care field for 8 years and the knowledge she has gained through working on both sides of the Industry helps her understand the needs of a customer on both a retail and health care level. Brittney also has experience as a hair stylist and barber, which gives her an edge on the latest men’s and women’s fashion. Brittney is currently studying law and enjoys classic movies, road trips,  and spending time with her friends and family.

Rida Atif, Customer Service

Rida has been working for Newmarket Optical since June of 2016.